Stem Cells and Engineering

This theme explores how we can engineer better biocompatible materials to support stem cell derived tissues for transplantation and repair.


Tissue Engineering - Professor Andrea O'Connor

Research focus: exploring applications of engineering to biological systems, in particular biomaterials for implants, tissue engineering, stem cell culture, antimicrobial and cardiovascular uses.

Auditory Neuroscience -  Dr Bryony Nayagam

Research focus: addressing hearing loss and its management through basic neuroscience, pre-clinical studies and clinic applications.

Tissue Engineering -  Professor Greg Qiao

Research focus: developing synthetic corneas as scaffolds for iPSC derived cells to repair damaged eye tissue.

Tissue Engineering -  Dr Daniel Heath

Research focus: developing next generation biomaterials, specifically blood-material interactions, as poor interactions between blood and biomaterials leads to the failure of many medical devices including vascular grafts and stents.


Biomechanics - Dr Kathryn Stok

Research focus: applying biomedical engineering approaches to the management and treatment of osteoarthritis.