Other Services

Experts in all aspects of cytometry

Need training? Someone to look over your data? Panel design? Teaching? Plan your experiment? Got a new application or developing a new technique and you'd like to set up a collaboration with us?

Contact us to discuss all aspects of flow cytometry, from feasibility to execution, instrument training and theory teaching and advice with sample preparation. We are available for Departmental seminars, advanced user training in QC/QA and other outreach activities (secondary and undergraduate teaching). Engage the experts and ensure that your flow cytometry experimentation is done right, is reproducible and publishable.


Additional University of Melbourne-supported Platform Technologies and Research Infrastructure

Cytometry may be an endpoint or starting point for research questions. Pure-sorted populations of cells may be onward sent for further analysis including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, imaging, transplant, etc... The University of Melbourne supports many platform technologies. You will find a listing of these here.