Data Analysis Software

Site Licenses

The University of Melbourne Cytometry Platform supports several software packages via site license/ internet dongle for flow cytometry and high dimensional analysis

Both software packages are available as site licenses through individual internet logins. We recommend that you download a free 30 day trial of the software to assess if the software is suitable for you needs.

The pricing for these software license seats is very affordable and ensures that you have the latest versions and updates as they become available.


How to get started with FlowJo 10

Available for University of Melbourne, Florey and VCCC staff and students. Charged quarterly.

Contact: University of Melbourne IT for pricing and access

FCS Express 7

This is an extremely powerful and intuitive software that covers all types of flow cytometric analysis, including high-dimensional tools and additional spectral unmixing algorithms specifically for Cytek Aurora users.

How to get started with FCS Express 7

Available for University of Melbourne staff and students and researchers from affiliated institutes including Florey, WEHI, VCCC, CERA, SVI, MCRI, RMH. Charged quarterly.

Contact: Vanta Jameson for pricing, access and preliminary training


High-dimensionality resduction and cluster analysis software

Contact: Alexis Gonzalez for pricing and access