BD FACS cytometers

Becton Dickinson (BD) analysers

LSR Fortessa range

4-5 laser conventional cytometers great for multi-colour immunophenotyping.

Available at the Doherty Institute, Dental School and Bio21.

Software: FACS DiVa

Image of FACS Fortessa cytometer

Download FACS Fortessa configurations

MCP all Fortessa configurations

LSRII and CantoII

2-3-laser cytometers

Available at the Doherty Institute and Bio21 nodes.

Software: FACS DiVa

Image of FACS LSR2 cytometer Image of FACS CantoII cytometer

Download the LSRII and CantoII configurations

MCP LSRII and Canto configs


Available at the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Studies (FVAS) the 2-laser FACS Verse is available for booking following induction by manager Elizabeth Washington

Software: FACS Suite

Image of FACS Verse cytometer

Download the FACSVerse configuration

FVAS FACSverse config