MCP publication awarded Paper of the Year 2022 Cytometry Part A

Melbourne Cytometry Platform/ University of Melbourne collaboration "Unlocking Autofluorescence in the era of full spectrum analysis: Implications for immunophenotype discovery projects" wins publication of the year 2022 at CYTO 2023

A 2022 publication involving a collaboration between the Melbourne Cytometry Platform, and University of Melbourne Departments of Microbiology and Immunology and Biochemistry and Pharmacology researchers from the Villadangos, Kalllies, Mackay groups recently received  the Cytometry Part A best 2022 paper award during the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry Congress (CYTO 2023, Montreal). This is a great honor and a reflection on the quality of the cytometry support provided at the University to cutting-edge research projects. The manuscript has broad implications to biological and immunological research, and to the use of cytometry to answer scientific questions.

The Best Paper is selected from all Original Research publications of the year before the CYTO Award Ceremony and is based on innovation and interest in the research community by the Cytometry Part A Editor-in-Chief and the board of Associate Editors. (

The PDF is available to download directly here