Meet our inspiring alumni

Meet Celine

Celine works as a Laboratory Manager at the Florey Insitute - one of the largest and highly respected brain research centres in the world. Her interest in neuroscience research was piqued during her undergraduate studies and led her to complete a Master of Biomedical Science.

I wanted the opportunity to focus on neuroscience research and have some hands-on experience in a lab – and the Masters definitely offered that.

When she was younger Celine dreamed of working in a vet clinic far away from the city.

“I never thought I would end up in research and find a job straight after completing my Masters - working in an office, close to the city! But I’m very happy with where my career and study path took me.”

Celine Dubois
Bachelor of Biomedicine → Master of Biomedical Science  → Laboratory Manager, Florey Institute

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