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Meet Brendan

Working as a Senior Business Analyst for the digital music service, Spotify, based in New York, Brendan says the scientific skills he developed during the Master of Biomedical Science helped him stand out - and thrive - when pivoting to a corporate strategy career.

“My day-to-day now is very different, compared with working in a research lab - but the skills are highly transferrable and extremely valuable,” he says.

Brendan has always had an interest in biomedical sciences, majoring in Human Physiology & Anatomy through his undergraduate studies. In his final year he attended a number of fascinating cardiac physiology lectures - and was intrigued to learn more.

“I decided to volunteer in a lab over my winter break and the experience gave me a really good insight into what the day-to-day looked like for a full time researcher."

And Brendan didn’t look back, going on to complete the Master of Biomedical Science – the course gave Brendan the ability to develop a strong theoretical background, then apply it day-to-day in the lab.

The Masters lab work provided me with a robust scientific skillset, and gave me the critical thinking and evidenced based thinking which I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

“I was able to complement these scientific skills with a wide breadth of coursework – I took several science communication courses which provided me with the frameworks and confidence to communicate extremely technical and nuanced information to broad audiences – a deeply undervalued and crucial skill in all aspects of life.”

It was also the guidance and mentorship that Brendan received throughout his Masters that was extremely valuable.

“Whether you stay in biomedical science or pivot to a different industry, the Master of Biomedical Science is invaluable and is an excellent springboard for early career professionals.”

“Put yourself in challenging situations, undertake challenging projects and seek robust mentorship to guide your growth. Don’t underestimate the power of networks and mentorship – these are the catalysts for strong growth.”

Brendan Ma
Bachelor of Science → Master of Biomedical Science (Diabetic Cardiomyopathy) → Senior Business Analyst, Spotify

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