Student Societies

University is more than just completing your studies. Student societies are a way to find and follow any extra curricula interests, a great place to make new friends and make the most of your time at university.

Studies have shown that students involved in clubs and societies perform better academically than those who are not. The University has over 300 clubs and societies, in which students can experience and participate in areas including sport, politics, the arts and even food.

Student societies run social activities, career networks, tutorials, and many other activities and programs to assist in your overall student experience.Diversity and participation is key to the learning experience. You should consider developing your extra-curricular activities by joining or even starting a club.

Check out the list of clubs and societies on the Student Union website.
Check out all the Melbourne University Sport clubs on their website.
Check out the MDHS associated clubs and societies on their website.

Biomedicine Student Society

This student society is specifically for Bachelor of Biomedicine Students. They provide career information, study groups, peer course advice, a sense of course identity, some well-deserved relaxation, and of course represent your interests to the Faculty and the University.

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First Year in Biomedicine? - you may even like to join the committee as a first year representative.

BSS Members

Melbourne University Biomedical Students’ Orchestra

The Melbourne University Biomedical Students’ Orchestra, better known as MUBSO, is a club for students from all backgrounds and faculties of the University of Melbourne, united by a love of music and passion for charity. The core of our orchestra revolves around playing classical music of a high standard, which in turn provides a fulfilling creative outlet for both the players and the community.

Whilst not exclusively for Biomedicine students, MUBSO has a strong medical focus through our concerts and volunteering events, in which we strive to play close to the heart and foster a love of music. At its heart, our orchestra provides students with a break from their academic studies – allowing students to meet with like-minded people, and cultivate their needs for emotional expression through music. If music, medicine, or altruism is your passion, then we’d love for you to join the MUBSO family!

If you’re interested in joining us or if you have any questions, please contact us via any of the links below, and for more information please visit our website or Facebook page below!

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Melbourne University Health Initiative (MUHI)

MUHI is an independent, non-profit and non-political registered Australian charity run by young people studying various disciplines at the University of Melbourne. It was founded on September 2, 2011 as the successor to the Victorian Students’ Aid Program (VSAP) with a broader focus to reflect the involvement of students beyond VSAP’s original health science cohorts. We are interested in both local and international health issues and our vision is to make a constructive difference towards the health issues that continue to confront us all.

Strive Student Health Initiative (Strive)

Strive was founded in 2011 by a group of health science students driven by their passion to do more than study; they had the vision to provide high quality, accessible health care to the public.
Over years this passion has evolved into a growing, independent, multi-disciplinary health initiative with a simple goal we can all strive towards – to improve public health and empower future health professionals.