Biomedicine Deans' Honours List

Recognising our highest achieving Bachelor of Biomedicine students

The Dean's Honours List

The Dean's Honours List is an annual award made to the top performing Bachelor of Biomedicine students in recognition of their academic excellence. The list comprises the top 3-5% performing students at each year level. The award will be noted on the student's transcript.

Image: 2019 Dean's Honours Awards

Bachelor of Biomedicine Medal

In addition, each year the Bachelor of Biomedicine Medal is presented to a completed student determined by a Faculty selection committee to be the highest achieving student across the three years of the course. This Medal will usually be presented to the awardee at a Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences event that takes place each year around May to recognise and encourage academic excellence in the Faculty.


Inclusion on a Dean’s Honours List is on the basis of the credit point weighted average of subjects at the relevant level.

To be eligible for inclusion on a Dean’s Honours List for a year level within a particular course, students must have:

  • passed at least 62.5 points of subjects at the designated subject year level of the relevant course
  • passed at least 100, 200 or 300 points in total in the course for consideration at first, second or third year respectively
  • not previously been considered for the list at that year level
  • not failed any subjects
  • only subjects for which a result is recorded contribute to the calculation of the credit point weighted average

Past Recipients

  • 2020

    Biomedicine Medal: Mingyuan Gao, Anna Sing

    Level 1Level 2Level 3

    - Melanie Almond
    - Rebecca Brennan
    - Bronte Coxhill
    - Leonardo Grossi
    - John Hsieh
    - Aruzia Iqbal
    - Phoebe Irawan
    - Muhammad Islam
    - Stone Ke
    - Rachel Ko
    - Eleanor Lawton-Wade
    - Matthew Lee
    - Danni Li
    - Yifan Li
    - Yiran Li
    - Qingyu Liang
    - Taoyang Liu
    - Bailey Mckiernan
    - Daniel Murray
    - Luke Negri
    - Nhi Quoc Yen Nguyen
    - Julius Pompei
    - Ruijun Qiu
    - Indira Priyadarshini Senthil Ajeetha
    - Edith Spiers
    - Tong Tang
    - Lawrence Thai
    - Luke Williams
    - Xinyi Wu
    - Lucinda Xiao
    - Yueling Yu
    - Boya Zhang
    - Carolyn Zhang
    - Shengsheng Zhao
    - Yuming Zheng
    - Alexandra Zilberg

    - Bavithiran Baskaran
    - Toni-Ann Black
    - Vanessa Cincotta
    - Brianne Cole
    - Jesse Di Marco
    - Adam Dingli
    - Cathy Fei
    - Katie Fitzsimmons
    - Min Hoo
    - Aayushi Khillan
    - Katherine Kim
    - Bailey Levin
    - Rachel Lim
    - Jillian Lu
    - Yuqing Lu
    - Hamish McCartney
    - Jeremy Petsetas
    - Anne Pham
    - Ella Pitteri
    - Krishneel Prasad
    - Rohan Rahman
    - Joseph Ronfeldt
    - Albert Shen
    - Anna Sing
    - Courtney Sleep
    - Nisagar Sutharson
    - Jacob Teperman
    - Annette Wu
    - Junyao Zhang

    - Mohammad Amin Abedini
    - Michele Barrese
    - Harrison Birch
    - Vanessa Cincotta
    - Mingyuan Gao
    - Jessica Gu
    - Emily Harman
    - Charlotte Holland
    - Aleah Kink
    - Hei Lam Germaine Kong
    - Victor Li
    - Annika Muldeary
    - Ryan Munnings
    - Sannan Nadir
    - Bronte Robinson
    - Anna Sing
    - Calliope Stavrou
    - Filip Stojanovic
    - April Tieu