BIOM30003 Biomedical Science Research Project

This project (BIOM30003) is designed for undergraduate students who have achieved excellent results in the discipline related to the project, to help develop practical scientific skills.

Students can undertake a project in several disciplines within the School of Biomedical Sciences, and undertaking a research project is a fantastic way to develop practical scientific skills. It will also provide valuable experience to students considering honours, masters or a PhD.

Before applying to take this subject, students should discuss their intention with the relevant discipline coordinator

DisciplineContactDepartment Website
Anatomy & Neuroscience Dr. Jenny Gunnersen -
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Dr. Leon Helfenbaum -
Dr. Laura Edgington-Mitchell -
Microbiology & Immunology Dr. Jessica Welch -
Pathology Dr. Vicki Lawson -
Pharmacology & Therapeutics Professor Peter Crack -
Physiology Professor Joel Bornstein -

Application Process

  1. Discuss potential projects with staff in the relevant department/school.
  2. Complete the Biomedical Science Research Project Application Form - this form must be authorised and signed by the relevant department/school.
  3. Add BIOM30003 to your study plan.
  4. The form should then be scanned and emailed to
  5. If the application is approved, you will be enrolled you in the subject and sent a confirmation via email.
  6. If your application is not approved, you will be contacted via email.