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Research Overview

As the son of a teacher in math and a teacher in German, Ger was certain he would never become a teacher. He studied journalism (BSc), psychology (BSc) and cognitive neuroscience (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to then make the inevitable decision to take up teaching. At the UvA he developed and taught in interdisciplinary education at various programmes, including the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the bachelor Natural and Social Sciences, and the master Brain and Cognition in Society. He has also co-written several handbooks for Amsterdam University Press on academic skills, interdisciplinary learning activities, designing interdisciplinary education, and interdisciplinary research.

Critical thinking is a topic that interests him, as fair and sound reasoning is a major prerequisite for (interdisciplinary) research, integration, and valorisation. He developed and taught workshops in critical thinking for students at the UvA and professional sport coaches at the Dutch Olympic Committee.


Currently, Ger develops (online) education at the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience. He enjoys assisting students to develop their knowledge, research skills and critical thinking skills. And no, he doesn’t mind that he has become exactly like his parents.

Ger Post develops online teaching at the department of Anatomy & Neuroscience and investigates ways to improve students’ learning, collaboration, and critical thinking skills through the use of online technologies.

Current research interests

  • How the use of online technologies can enhance active learning and tailor for different learning styles.
  • Online methods to improve students’ reflection, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.
  • Approaches to improve interdisciplinary integration in student projects.

Research Outcomes

Van der Gaast, K., Koenders, L., & Post, G. (2019). Academic skills for interdisciplinary studies (fourth revised edition). Amsterdam University Press.

Edelbroek, H., Post, G., & Mijnders, M. (2018). Interdisciplinary learning activities. Amsterdam University Press.

De Greef, L., Post, G., Vink, C., & Wenting, L. (2017). Designing interdisciplinary education – a practical handbook for university teachers. Amsterdam University Press.

Buis, J.J.W., Post, G., Visser, V.R. (2016). Academic skills for interdisciplinary studies. Amsterdam University Press.

Menken, S.B.J., & Keestra, M. (eds.) (2016). An introduction to Interdisciplinary Research. Amsterdam University Press.

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Post: Online Teaching Delivery Neuroscience & Anatomy

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