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  • Head of Laboratory
    Dr Vi Wickramasinghe

Research Overview

Our laboratory's research interests lie in understanding the molecular basis of how RNA is selectively processed and exported from the nucleus into the cytoplasm. We aim to characterise novel mechanisms of regulating gene expression via selective processing of mRNA and non-coding RNA.


Dr. Vihandha Wickramasinghe, Laboratory Head
Dr. Kirsty Carey, Postdoctoral Scientist
Linh Ngo, Graduate Research Assistant
Toby Williams, Postgraduate Student

Research Publications

KT Carey and VO Wickramasinghe* (2018) Regulatory potential of the RNA
machinery: Implications for human disease. Trends in Genetics 34 (4):

T Williams, LH Ngo and VO Wickramasinghe*. (2017)
Nuclear export of RNA: Different sizes, shapes and functions. Seminars
in Cell and Developmental Biology (17) 30059-9

Y Liu, M Gonzàlez-Porta, S Santos, A Brazma, JC Marioni, R Aebersold*,
AR Venkitaraman* and VO Wickramasinghe*. (2017)
Impact of alternative splicing on the human proteome. Cell Reports 20:

VO Wickramasinghe* and AR Venkitaraman*. (2016). RNA processing and genome
stability: cause and consequence. Molecular Cell 61 (4): 496-505.

VO Wickramasinghe, M Gonzalez-Porta, D Perera, A Bartolozzi, CR Sibley, M
Hallegger, J Ule, JC Marioni and AR Venkitaraman
(2015). Regulation of constitutive and alternative mRNA splicing across the
human transcriptome by PRPF8 is determined by 5¹ splice site strength.
Genome Biology, 16 (1): 201.

VO Wickramasinghe* and RA Laskey*. (2015). Control of mammalian gene
expression by selective mRNA
export. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 16 (7): 431-42

VO Wickramasinghe*, R Andrews, P Ellis, C Langford, JB Gurdon,
M Stewart, AR Venkitaraman and RA Laskey. (2014). Selective
nuclear export of specific classes of mRNA from mammalian nuclei is
promoted by GANP. Nucleic Acids Research, 42 (8):5059-5071

VO Wickramasinghe, JM Savill, S Chavali,
AB Jonsdottir, E Rajendra, T Grüner,
RA Laskey, MM Babu and AR Venkitaraman. (2013). Human
inositol polyphosphate multikinase regulates transcript-selective nuclear
export to preserve genome integrity. Molecular Cell, 51(6): 737-50

D Jani, S Lutz, E Hurt, RA Laskey, M
Stewart and VO Wickramasinghe*.
(2012). Functional and structural characterization of the mammalian TREX-2
complex that links transcription with nuclear messenger RNA export. Nucleic
Acids Research, 40(10):4562-73

VO Wickramasinghe*, PIA McMurtrie, AD Mills, Y Takei, S Penrhyn-Lowe, Y
Amagase, S Main, J Marr, M
Stewart and RA Laskey (2010). mRNA export from mammalian cell nuclei is
dependent on GANP. Current Biology, 20(1),

Research Projects

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