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Research Overview

About Professor Alastair Stewart

Professor Alastair Stewart has extensive experience in the field of respiratory and inflammation research. He has published over 200 papers, has had numerous patents proceed to grant and has served on various peer review committees for the NHMRC and the scientific advisory boards of several Australian Medical Research Institutes.  Professor Stewart is Chair of  Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the The University of Melbourne; is Co-Director of the Lung Health Research Centre (LHRC); and is the Director of the national ARC Industry Transformation Training Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies (ARC CPTT). He is CSO and Director of TianLi Biotech, President of the Asia Pacific Federation of Pharmacologists and a member of the Nominating and Programming Committees of the Respiratory Structure Function assembly of the American Thoracic Society.  His editorial roles include Chief Editor of the Translational Pharmacology section of Frontiers in Pharmacology and Senior Associate Editor of the American Society for Mechanical Engineering Journal (ASME), Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy. Prof Stewart is developing and applying the concept of mechanopharmacology in drug discovery and ultra-high content screening through his capacity as member of the Inaugural Board of the International Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Society, and a steering committee of a CSIRO-initiated review of Non-animal models for preclinical development.

The laboratory conducts, translational and contract research and consultancies.

Laboratory Overview

The Mechanopharmacology Lab is investigating inflammation and fibrosis mechanisms using novel bioassays for drug discovery and characterisation.  A range of systems pharmacology-based analytical approaches are applied using transcriptomic and proteomic data from well-qualified clinical and experimental specimens.  The lab has extensive links to Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics and strong connections to TianLi Biotech, LHRC and ARC-ITTC (Personalised Therapeutic Technologies).

Current projects include:

  • Glucocorticoid sensitivity in structural cells of the airway using Air Liquid Interface Culture.
  • Regulation of mesenchymal cell growth, differentiation and function.
  • Anti-remodelling activity of currently used and potential anti-asthma agents.
  • Impact of extracellular matrix components on the efficacy of anti-remodelling agents.
  • Role of circadian mechanisms in inflammation and tissue remodelling.

The Mechanopharmacology Lab offers opportunities for placement for BScHons, Masters and PhD candidates and provides a supportive interdisciplinary environment, staffed with highly experienced scientists able to foster translational research goals. Inquiries are welcome.

News from Mechanopharmacology Lab.


Personnel from Stewart Lab


Dr Bryan Gao, Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Tan, Research Fellow
Dr Meina Li, Research Fellow
Dr Qianyu (Helen) Chen, Research Fellow
Dr Tianhong (Tina) Cheng, Research Fellow
Mr Avanka Gunatilaka, PhD Student
Ms Stephanie Zhang, PhD Student
Ms Xiaodan (Emma) Zhang, PhD Student
Ms Jana Zielinski, PhD Student
Ms Yiling (Iris) Yang, PhD Student
Ms Chiao Hwei Lee, PhD Student
Ms Dina Jacob, PhD Student
Mr Song Wang, PhD Student
Ms Shenna Langenbach, Senior Research Assistant


Dr Delphine Denoyer (ARC CPTT)


The University of Melbourne

  • “Immunoglobulin receptors on airway and lung mesenchymal cells”, Dr Graham McKay, Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.
  • “Synthesis and development of novel analogues of resolvin D2”, Prof Mark Rizacassa, School of Chemistry. Science.
  • “Synthesis and characteristic of NCE small molecule anti-fibrotic agents.”, Prof Spencer Williams, School of Chemistry. Science.
  • “Novel biomechanical analyses of airway smooth muscle cell function”, Prof Peter Lee, Mechanical engineering, A/Prof Andrea O’Connor, Dr Daniel Heath, Biomedical Engineering, FEIT.
  • “Control systems and multi-spectral imaging for microfluidics cell culture perfusion and analyses”, Assoc Prof Ranjith Unnithan, Electrical Electronic Engineering, FEIT.
  • “Substituted Graphene oxide nanoparticles as anti-cancer agents”, Prof Dave Dunstan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
  • “Novel traction force imaging using magnetic fields”, Prof Lloyd Hollenberg, Dr David Simpson, School of Physics.
  • “Flu infection and glucocorticoid sensitivity”, Dr Sarah Londrigan, Peter Doherty Institute, MDHS, UoM.
  • “Flu infection of airway epithelial cells”, Dr Julie McCauley, Prof Lorena Brown, Peter Doherty Institute, MDHS, UoM.
  • “Metabolism in tumour cells”, Prof Gordon Lynch and Dr James Ryall, Department of Physiology.
  • “Microfluidics mechanophenotyping”, Dr Dave Collins, Biomedical engineering, FEIT.
  • “Models for COVID19 infection”, Prof Kanta Subbarao, Peter Doherty Institute, MDHS, UoM.
  • “Lipidomics in steroid resistance and fibrosis”, Prof Gavin Reid, Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.
  • “Microfluidic sensors and controls systems”, A/Prof Ranjith Unnithan, Electrical Electronic Engineering, FEIT.

External collaborators

  • “Viral Infection and glucocorticoid sensitivity”, Prof Jo Douglass, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, RMH and Prof Phil Bardin (Monash lung and Sleep).
  • “Interstitial lung disease/Idoiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis: mechanisms and models”, A/Prof Glen Westall, Dr Jade Jaffar (Alfred Health, Monash University). Dr Mike Wilson, Dr Nick Wilson (CSL Ltd).
  • “Laminin and airway smooth muscle phenotype”, Assoc Prof Thai Tran, National University of Singapore.
  • “Novel biomechanical analyses of airway smooth muscle cell function”, Dr Yukiko Matsunaga, University of Tokyo. Prof Toshiro Ohashi, University of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan.
  • “LIM kinase, cofilin and steroid responsiveness”, Prof Martina Schmidt, University of Groningen. Groningen, Netherlands.
  • “IL-11 in fibrogenesis”, Prof Reinoud Gosens, University of Groningen. Groningen, Netherlands.
  • “Cellular mechanics and regulation of fibrotic/inflammatory pathways”, Dr Ramaswamy Krishnan, Beth Israel Deaconess medical Centre, Boston.
  • “Annexin A2 in pulmonary fibrosis”, Prof Kai-Feng Xu, Peking Union medical College Hospital, Beijing, China.
  • “Compression and glucocorticoid responses in the epithelium”, Dr Jin-Ah park, TH Chan Harvard School of Public health, Boston.
  • “Sputum analyses in asthma and COPD”, Dr Nick Wilson, CSL Parkville.
  • “Sputum analysis in bronchiectasis, immunodeficiency”, Dr Alex Schaub, CSL Berne.
  • “New models for fibrosis”, Dr Mike Wilson, CSL Parkville.
  • “The pharmacology of passive force in airway smooth muscle”, Prof Chun Seow, iCapture, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.
  • “Respiratory health of Mine workers”, Mr Pat Brady (Pump Investments Ltd), Dr Brian Plush (PM10).
  • “Casein kinase 1d splice variants: distribution, function and utility as pharmacological targets”, A/Prof Jean-Michel Fustin, Manchester University.
  • “Rotary planar multiplexed microfluidics (RPM2) pump”, Dr Andrew Gooley, Trajan Scientific and Medical.
  • “Models for COVID19 infection”, Dr Michelle Baker, Centre for disease preparedness, CSIRO, Geelong.
  • “Bioluminescent receptor signalling probes”, Prof Kevin Pfleger, Harry Perkins Institute, UWA.
  • “Apatamer biosensors”, Prof Kevin Plaxco, UCSD.


The Laboratory receives funding from the following bodies:

  • ARC
  • Asthma Australia
  • CSL

Research Publications

For a full list of publications go to Professor Stewart's ‘Find an Expert’ profile.


  • AG Stewart, D Denoyer, X Gao, YC Toh (2023). The FDA modernisation act 2.0: bringing non-animal technologies to the regulatory table Drug Discovery Today, 103496.


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