Paula Miotto

I have been working in Prof Watt’s lab in MDHS since September 2018, immediately after having defended my PhD studying the regulation of mitochondrial bio-energetics under the supervision of Dr. Graham Holloway at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

I am currently supported by a prestigious Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Post-Doctoral fellowship, and recently have been awarded a CIHR post-doctoral fellowship to continue my research here at the University of Melbourne. This past year I was successful in receiving research funding through the ‘Diabetes Australia Research Trust’, the ECR research grant scheme at the University of Melbourne, and NHMRC (CIB Miotto).

I have a wealth of experience examining different biological processes within skeletal muscle, liver, and bone tissues in response to exercise and disease. A few of the specialized techniques I use involve mitochondrial kinetics using high-resolution respirometry (Oroboros; isolated mitochondria and permeabilized muscle fibers, brain, liver, and adipose) and reactive oxygen species emission (fluorometry), various metabolic assays, and precision tissue slicing for metabolic studies.

My current work focuses on the role of secreted exosomes, small extra-cellular vesicles that contain protein, lipids, and nucleic acids, in inter-tissue communication and metabolic adaptations in response to health, exercise, and diseased states.

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    Mitochondrial function, skeletal muscle, liver, bone, metabolism/physiology

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    601Biochemistry and cell biology
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    • mitochondrial function
    • metabolism / physiology
    • biochemical adaptations
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    Inter-tissue communication in regulating cellular function.