Naveen Vankadari

Naveen received his PhD in the fields of biochemistry, structural and molecular cell biology from the prestigious Academia Sinica and the National Defence Medical Center in Taiwan. After PhD, he worked as a post-doctoral Fellow at Monash University, Australia. Naveen also has robust BioTech industry experience from MerckMillpore as an R&D scientist and production in-charge for Microbial Molecular research. His research work has been well recognized globally and has received several awards and prizes in academia and industrial research. Dr. Naveen's research work is principally focused on events central to human infection. In particular, structural and functional studies on viral and bacterial proteins involved in infection have challenged human immunity. This has important implications for understanding disease progression in humans and provides hints towards its regulation. His key research technical areas include cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM), X-ray crystallography, protein biochemistry, computational biology, and biophysical techniques (SPR, ITC, MALS, SAXS, MST, TPM). Naveen is also an expert on DNA/RNA-Protein interactions and how to decipher their functional significance within the context of their physiological role. Specifically, in the control of translation and the regulation of viral RNA replication. His current research work focuses on structural virology, unraveling the entry mechanics of the SARS-2 causing COVID-19.

  • Contact Details
    Department:Bio21, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
  • Current Research Focus

    Cryo-electron microscopy and Infection biology

    Field of ResearchDescription
    3101Biochemistry and cell biology
    3207Medical microbiology
  • Key Skills
    • cryo-EM
    • molecular biology
    • protein biochemistry
    • virology
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    To have transnational research aspect in infection biology and clinical trials