Mohsen Kazemi

After finishing the PhD in 2014 at UTM (Malaysia) in the field of Biomedical Engineering, I started my Postdoc in Instruct Image Processing Centre (I2PC) at the National Centre for Biotechnology (Madrid-SP). This lab has being developed the well-known XMIPP software suite, together with other advanced tools as part of the European Strategic Infrastructure on Structural Biology. There, I had been involved in the development and implementation of image processing methods for Single Particle Analysis (cryo-EM) and Soft X-ray Tomography for open source software Xmipp, Scipion and Scipion Web-tools. In 2018, I moved to the Rouiller's lab located at the Bio21 Institute (The University of Melbourne). This is a structural biology lab and we use cryo-EM to determine the 3D structure of macromolecular protein complexes, including ATPases, bacterial transporters, and ion channels. We use cryo-ET to determine the 3D structure of viral proteins. Here my focus is on the development of image processing methods related to the Single Particle Analysis (SPA) and Sub-tomogram Averaging (STA).

  • Contact Details
  • Current Research Focus

    Cryo-electron microscopy (Single Particle Analysis and Sub-Tomogram Averaging).

    Field of ResearchDescription
    080106Image Processing
    060112Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling)
  • Key Skills
    • Cryo-electrom microscopy
    • Structural biology
    • Single Particle Analysis
    • Sub-Tomogram Averaging
  • Looking to collaborate?

    Looking for structural biologists or others who may need to use cryo-EM to get their structure, or need to develop related image processing methods.