John-Paul Fuller-Jackson

Central and peripheral neuroscience is not where you would expect a PhD graduate of endocrinology to be, however with my time in the University of Melbourne's Keast-Osborne Lab I have developed a number of skills that allow me to visualize the neuroanatomy of the spinal cord in multiple ways.
If one were to look at my earlier publications, one would find studies that involved the chasing of sheep (for exercise), as well as the thermal imaging of brown fat in humans. These studies provided a strong foundation in study design, yet now I trace neurons from peripheral organ to the spinal cord in an attempt to understand their patterns of innervation.
Of particular interest right now is the sensory and autonomic innervation of the lower urinary tract, all of which is centred around the lumbosacral spinal cord. In addition, one of my main goals is to fully characterize the lumbosacral spinal cord of the rat, which remains only vaguely defined.

  • Contact Details
    Department:Anatomy and Neuroscience
  • Current Research Focus

    Spinal cord innervation of pelvis

    Field of ResearchDescription
    110901Autonomic Nervous System
    110905Peripheral Nervous System
  • Key Skills
    • neuroscience
    • immunohistochemistry
    • Widefield microscopy
    • Lightsheet microscopy
  • Looking to collaborate?

    I am looking for those working in fields of potential neuronal dysfunction. I would like to broaden my neuroanatomy to include disease states and interventions that wouldn't otherwise be covered in my lab.