Jessica Briffa

Dr Jessica Briffa completed her PhD investigating the role of leptin in kidney development and obesity-related kidney disease in 2015 and is an early career researcher in Professor Wlodek’s laboratory. Her research has now expanded to encompass the effect several pregnancy perturbations (intrauterine growth restriction, gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, maternal stress, maternal obesity) has on the placenta and long-term offspring cardiorenal and metabolic health. Dr Briffa has extensive expertise in the rodent physiological experiments, molecular biology and histological analyses. She has received collaborative grants from the Robinson Research Institute and LaTrobe University, and has published 21 papers (11 as first-author and 1 as senior-author).

  • Contact Details
    Phone:03 8344 9671
  • Current Research Focus

    Pregnancy, Developmental Biology, Interventions, Molecular Biology

    Field of ResearchDescription
    1114Paediatrics and reproductive medicine
  • Key Skills
    • mouse/rat models
    • molecular biology
    • histology
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