Daniel Fernandez-Ruiz

I received a Bachelor in Biology and Biochemistry by the University of Oviedo, Spain, and obtained my PhD from the University of Bonn, Germany, in 2008. I then took up a postdoctoral position on malaria immunology in Bill Heath’s lab, where I am currently based. My research explores malaria immunity, particularly focusing on T cell activation, T cell memory and vaccination. My work led to the generation of T cell receptor-transgenic mouse lines specific for malaria parasites (termed PbT-I and PbT-II) that facilitate the detailed analysis of T cell function during infection. My current focus is the study of liver-resident memory T cells in malaria, their potential for protection and their generation through novel vaccination strategies.

  • Contact Details
    Department:Microbiology and Immunology
    Email: danielfr@unimelb.edu.au
  • Current Research Focus

    Immunology, malaria, vaccines

    Field of ResearchDescription
    110704Cellular Immunology
    110702Applied Immunology (incl. Antibody Engineering, Xenotransplantation and T-cell Therapies)
  • Key Skills
    • cell biology
    • flow cytometry
    • vaccine adjuvants
    • liver immunology
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