Catarina F Almeida

Over the the last 10 years, I have gained extensive experience in the field of Unconventional T Cell Biology, having published 11 original research publications in this field.
I started developing this interest during my MSc (UoLisbon-Portugal-2009-2010) in Dr. Luis Gra├ža’s group (UoLisbon), where I studied mechanisms capable of inducing and maintaining immune tolerance in allergy and autoimmune disease, and described the functional plasticity of various Natural Killer T (NKT) cell subsets and their role in immune regulation. During my PhD in Prof Godfrey’s Lab (Peter Doherty Institute-UoMelb 2011-2015), I discovered and characterized novel subsets of Unconventional T cells with distinct antigen reactivity and have shown that these cells can express a highly diverse TCR repertoire and utilize broader mechanisms to recognize their cognate antigens, than previously assumed. I continue to work as an ECR  in the Godfrey lab, which is indisputably one of the best in the Unconventional T cell biology, driving independent and collaborative research  to fill in the gaps of knowledge in this field. My research has been crucial to set the basis for a successfully funded ARC Discovery (Godfrey 2016) project, and a NHMRC project grant (Pellicci 2018).
I am also the Meeting Coordinator for the Immunology-theme-meeting-seminars in the PDI and the co-chair for the Faculty-of-Medicine-Dentistry-and-Health-Science-ECR (MDHS-ECR) Network. Along with the past and current co-chairs, we have implemented leadership and science communication courses, travel awards and seed funding for ECRs. I have a great passion for Science Outreach  Science Translation and Policy Change and continuously seek engagement opportunities in these areas.

  • Contact Details
    Department:Microbiology and Immunology
  • Current Research Focus

    NKT cells, TCR-Ag Recognition, ligand discovery

    Field of ResearchDescription
    060199Biochemistry and Cell Biology not elsewhere classified
    060110Receptors and Membrane Biology
  • Key Skills
    • cell culture
    • flow cytometry
    • Single cell PCR (TCR repertoire) / structural biology
  • Looking to collaborate?

    Behavioural neuroscience/neuroimmunology and ligand discovery