Congratulations to all our SBS-EMCRs, who were the recipients of the NHMRC 2020 Investigator Grants!

We are very excited to announce that six our SBS-EMCRs have been awarded with the NHMRC 2020 Investigator Grants!

We would like to congratulate the winners for being successful in their applications:

  • Dr Michael Clark (A&N): Elucidating the pathological role and predictive value of mental health disorder risk genes
  • Dr Sidonia Eckle (DMI): The role of Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cells in protective and aberrant immunity
  • Dr Rachel McQuade (A&N): Protecting the Gut: A Novel Therapeutic Avenue for Reducing the Damaging Consequences of Obesity
  • Dr Thi Nguyen (DMI): Understanding immune responses to severe influenza virus infection and vaccination in human
  • Dr Daniel Utzchneider (DMI): Characterization and targeting of precursor exhausted T cells (TPEX) for the treatment of chronic infection and cancer
  • Dr Marios Koutsakos (DMI): Understanding immunity to influenza B viruses for a rationally designed universal vaccine

We are very pleased to hear that our previous SBS-EMCRA Collaborative Award-Winners (Dr Eckle, Dr McQuade and Dr Ingle (UoM at the time)) are progressing in their careers!

We also acknowledge that many SBS EMCRs worked hard to put together Investigator Grant proposals and we commiserate with those who missed out in this round.

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Jeff, Claire, Mariana and Pin Shie

2020 EMCRA Co-chairs, on behalf of the 2020 EMCRA steering committee