Free access granted to latest malaria research from Tilley Lab

The new research from Prof Leann Tilley’s laboratory group (Dept Biochemistry & Pharmacology) has been made freely available by Science & AAAS.

Published in leading peer-reviewed journal, Science, last week, the research discovered a new weapon against malaria's rising drug resistance - an anti-malarial compound, ML901, which inhibits the malaria parasite but does not harm mammalian - human or other mammals’ – cells.

Science journal's publishers American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), have given free access to Professor Tilley's research group's article as the research has been deemed to be of immediate relevance to public health concerns.

Free access link

Science is a subscription-based journal which publish the best in research across the sciences, with articles that consistently rank among the most cited in the world. The AAAS make research articles of immediate relevance to public health concerns free for reading upon publication.