Stem Cells Australia to receive additional $3m ARC funding


It was recently announced that Stem Cells Australia has received an additional $3m in funding from the ARC to support collaborative stem cell research across more than a dozen Australian universities and medical institutes. This will extend fundamental understanding of stem cell science, ultimately leading to new ways to diagnose, understand and treat disease. The additional funding will allow Stem Cells Australia to draw on the strengths of the maturing initiative and to expand and target its scientific portfolio towards stem cell medical applications in Australia. The support will extend SCA activities until June 2019.

This is a great achievement for stem cell research in Australia and the hard work of Professor Melissa Little and Professor Christine Wells of the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience, and their team, is acknowledged in securing this additional funding.

The University of Melbourne will remain the administering organisation.

More details from Stem Cells Australia website.