Graduate students scoop awards

Our congratulations to Hanneke Raaijmakers, Brendan Ma and Sarah Heywood, post graduate students in Professor Lea Delbridge's Cardiac Phenomics Lab, who won awards for their presentations at the recent meeting of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Hanneke Raaijmakers won the best full Oral presentation for her work on 'Arrhythmic vulnerability in primary cardiac hypertrophy is associated with augmented CaMKII/PKA signaling', and Brendan Ma, won a mini oral award for his presentation titled:  'Key functional domains of human cardiac troponin-C are susceptible to advanced glycation end-product formation in vitro'.

photo of recipients at award ceremony

Figure 1: Brendan and Hanneke, seen holding their awards, with their Supervisors, members of the Delbridge Lab (L-R Kim Mellor, Lea Delbridge, Claire Curl and Jim Bell)

Congratulations to Sarah Heywood on being awarded a mini oral award for her presentation on: 'High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is a novel activator of cardiac glucose metabolism in both healthy and insulin resistant mice'.

photo of award recipients

Figure 2: Sarah holding her award