Successful Somnivore wins Pitch Night

(L - R) Dr Sherie Ma (Team Somnivore, TS), Professor Mark Cook (Director of the Graeme Clark Institute),
Dr Giancarlo Allocca (TS - designer), Professor Daniel Hoyer (TS), Dr Laura Jacobson (TS) and Professor Andrew Gundlach (TS)

The Pitch Night – Health Tech Innovation Challenge is a joint project between the Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering and the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health and the Convergence Science Network. This year’s event was held at GCI on 20 November.

Some of the audience who attended Pitch Night

Pitch Night is when the finalists of the Health Tech Innovation Challenge compete for four $20,000 cash prizes. The Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths-Medicine (STEMM) based projects in this year’s competition addressed a range of clinical conditions including sepsis, sleep disorder, epilepsy, rehabilitation, anti-microbial resistance, critical care of neonates, fracture prevention, and eye disease.

Our congratulations to Professor Daniel Hoyer and the Somnivore Team who were one of the four winning teams on Pitch Night. Their project was  ‘Somnivore’ – a machine-learning platform for the automated analysis of sleep’. Partner investigators were Giancarlo Allocca (who made the pitch presentation), Sherie Ma, Andrew Gunlach and Laura Jacobson.

Our congratulations to Professor Alastair Stewart, also from the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, who was another finalist.