Award Winners - Hai Ly and Gabriel Bernasochi


Hai Ly has been awarded the Royal Society of Victoria’s Young Scientist Research Prize (Biomedical & Health Sciences), recognising excellence in biomedical research.

Hai’s presentation: ‘Metabolism regulates asymmetric division and commitment to the myogenic lineage in skeletal muscle stem cells’, for which he picked up the $1000 award and certificate.

The Royal Society of Victoria has established four prestigious competitive prizes known as Young Scientist Research Prizes and these are open to post-graduate, doctoral students in all areas of the Biomedical & Health Sciences, Biological Sciences (Non-human), Earth Sciences and Physical Sciences. Application is open to candidates in the third or fourth year of their doctoral candidature in Universities in the State of Victoria at the time of application and who are members of the Royal Society of Victoria. For more information.

Gabriel Bernasochi has been awarded the International Society for Heart Research Student Investigator Prize for his presentation: 'Augmented aromatase expression in pathological hypertrophy and aged rat myocardium' delivered at the Society’s conference in Adelaide last week.

We congratulate Hai and Gabe on their achievements and wish them continued success with their research and career aspirations. These are further wonderful accolades for the Department of Physiology and for our School of Biomedical Sciences.