Vaccine BioSolutions

The Human T cell research group in the Department of Immunology at The University of Melbourne is available for research contracts.

photo of Professor Katherine Kedzierska
Associate Professor Katherine Kedzierska

Vaccine BioSolutions is a recent innovation of the Human T Cell Research group in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology which is headed by Associate Professor Katherine Kedzierska. Professor Kedzierska is an internationally recognised immunologist with over 20 years experience in human innate and adaptive immune response research.

Research Contracts

The Human T Cell Research group is available for research contracts and has extensive laboratory resources including cutting edge assays of immune response quantitation, including optimised, custom-designed multi-colour flow cytometry panels for phenotypic and functional immune analysis. Members of this group have extensive experience and expertise in developing protocols for clinical immuno-monitoring and their subsequent use. The development of the immuno-evaluation protocols is backed by extensive research which has been published in leading scientific peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Immunology and Nature Communics.

Vaccine BioSolutions can offer the following contract services:

  • Immuno-Evaluation of New Vaccine & Immunotherapy Clinical Trials
  • Contract research specialising in analysis of human immune responses elicited by new vaccines and immunotherapies
  • Well established quantitative and qualitative immune cutting-edge techniques
  • Expert evaluation of human immune networks to potential vaccine and drug candidates

The Process 

Following consultation with clients, A/Prof Kedzierska and her team develop unique, tailored project plans customised to address specific research questions, including initial screens to minimise early outlay. Clients are updated on research progress, provided with a detailed report and offered final consultation to review results in context and discuss next steps. The benefits of contract research with the team include:

  1. Clear IP provisions
  2. Flexible, tailored research plans
  3. Sequential experimental design to save time and money
  4. Professional and comprehensive advice
  5. Rapid turnaround time
  6. Expertise regarding international shipping, customs.


To discuss these services please contact

Dr Ruth Park-Jones
University of Melbourne
205-211 Grattan Street,
Carlton VIC 3053 Australia

Phone: +61 3 8344 3198
Fax: +61 3 9347 5888


flow chart of core assays-blood

Available Analyses of Human Immune Responses

  • Optimised custom-designed multi-colour (>15 colours per sample) flow cytometry phenotypic analysis of innate (e.g. monocytes, NK, NKT, MAIT, gamma-delta T cells, neutrophils) and adaptive (e.g. CD8+, CD4+ T cells and B cells) immune responses;
  • Functional flow cytometry analysis of intracellular IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, MIP-1beta, granzyme B and CD107a;
  • Induction of plasmablasts and follicular T cells following vaccination/therapy;
  • Tetramer detection of na├»ve, effector and memory antigen-specific CD8+ T cells (viral and cancer);
  • Serum levels of cytokines/chemokines by flow cytometry (>18 parameters);
  • Single cell PCR analysis of T cell receptors for CD8+, CD4+ and gamma-delta T cells;
  • Generation of T cell lines in vitro
  • Ex vivo and in vitro evaluation of influenza-specific cells;
  • Isolation of human PBMCs from clinical samples and buffy packs; and
  • Also available mouse models of influenza virus infection.

bar chart showing levels of cytokine/chemokine in patients sera