Seminars - Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Below seminars are held in the Doherty Auditorium, Ground Floor.
Update 8 May 2020: All seminars are currently held via zoom webinar until further notice.

Research Seminars - Held on Thursdays 12.00pm – 1.00pm.

Special Research Seminars - In addition to the usual Thursday Research Seminars, there may be occasional Special Research Seminars which could be held at different times.

PhD Completion Orations - Held on Friday afternoons from 3.00pm – 4.00pm via zoom webinar until further notice.

Doherty Institute Immunology Theme: Data Presentation Series - Fortnightly on Mondays  2.00pm - 3.00pm generally featuring speakers from across the Institute.

Below seminars are held in the larger Seminar Room GM002, Ground Floor Mezzanine

Work in Progress Seminar Series - generally held every third Thursday of each month at 4pm

Respiratory Research Seminars - generally held every third Monday of each month at 11am

Seminar attendees are welcome to refreshments after every each seminar.



29 January
Prof Giovanna Lombardi
King's College London, UK
OptimisingTregtherapy to establish transplantation tolerance Dr Alex Corbett
13 February Dr Caleb Dawson
Uncovering resident macrophages of the mammary gland by 3D and intravital imaging Dr Yannick Alexandre
5 March Dr Sonja Best
Flavivirus manipulation of mitochondrial dynamics: How and why? Prof Tim Stinear
12 March Dr Ash Haque
Single-Cell Transcriptomics of CD4+ T cells During Malaria Maps Progressive Transition from Effector to Memory Dr Lynette Beattie
30 April Prof Scott Mueller
Stromal and neuroimmune axes in the regulation of immunity in lymphoid tissues. Dr Yannick Alexandre
14 May
Dr Pamela Rosato
University of Minnesota, USA
Harnessing virus-specific memory T cells for tumor immunotherapy  
Dr Susan Christo
21 May Dr Adam Uldrich
The unusual world of gamma-delta T cells

Zoom ID: 965 9091 3013
Dr Hamish McWilliam
4 June Prof José A Villadangos Beneficial and Deleterious Interactions Between the Innate and Adaptive Arms of the Immune Systems

Zoom ID: 988 8088 0210
Prof Bill Heath
11 June Dr Ajithkumar Vasanthakumar Adipose tissue adaptation mechanisms of regulatory T cells

Zoom ID: 990 0511 0388
Dr Susan Christo
17 July, 11am
Dr Nick Collins The impact of dietary restriction on memory T cell homeostasis and function

Zoom ID: 936 6855 9344
Dr Simone Park
6 August Prof Nicola Harris
Monash University
Microbiota-regulation of eosinophils is required for the maintenance of small intestinal homeostasis in response to colonization

Zoom ID: 963 6926 7529
Prof Scott Mueller
3 September
Prof Antoine Roquilly
University of Medicine of Nantes (France)
Trained mononuclear phagocytes induce a local proliferation of resident memory T cells: a potential mechanism for the reduction of the risk of cancer after inflammation

Zoom ID: 944 2626 4394
Prof Jose Villadangos


7 February Zuwena Richardson Using multiparameter imaging to understand HIV persistence in tissue in people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy Lewin/Cameron Labs
14 February  Raissa Wibawa
Legionella pneumophila: From amoeba to macrophage metabolism
Hartland Lab
5 June Maria Auladell Bernat Seasonal influenza vaccines: recalling the past to prevent the future
Zoom ID: 986 1391 7024
Kedzierska Lab
12 June Zhe Zhao
Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells and their function in infection
Zoom ID: 976 7693 1510
McCluskey Lab
19 June Bingjie Wang (Masters)
Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells and Aspergillus fumigatus infection
Zoom ID: 988 80057466
McCluskey Lab
26 June Julius Wong
Advancing the ferret as an immunological model to study B-cell responses
Zoom ID: 930 7023 0277
Kent Lab
24 July Katie Dale
Latent tuberculosis infection and reactivation in Victoria and Australia: defining the risk and planning the response"
Zoom ID: 992 1613 2600
Denholm Lab
31 July Leila Jebeli
Klebsiella pneumoniae: what makes a biofilm star?
Zoom ID: 930 0521 8697
Strugnell Lab
7 August Xiaoxiao Jia
Understanding what drives severe influenza disease
Zoom ID: 942 2594 0770
Kedzierska Lab
14 August Timon Damelang
Role of functional antibodies in protecting pregnant women from placental malaria
Zoom ID: 978 95326255
Chung/Kent Labs
21 August Luca Hensen
Generation of protective immunity against severe influenza virus infection in Indigenous Australians
Zoom ID: 919 7993 6101
Kedzierska Lab
28 August (4pm) Marvin Holz
Nucleic acid sensing in CD4 T cells during HIV-1 and other viral infections
Zoom ID: 945 0669 2824
Lewin/Purcell Labs
4 September Malancha Karmakar
Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome mutations and fitness cost: molecular and epidemiological modelling of functional implications
Zoom ID: 923 6157 0054
Denholm Lab
18 September Emma Bawden
Melanoma Immunosurveillance by CD4+ T cells
Zoom ID: 975 5865 3713
Gebhardt Lab
25 September Wenbo Jiang
Dynamics and control of T follicular helper cell-dependent and -independent responses to influenza virus infection and immunization
Zoom ID: 990 4261 7143
Kent Lab
9 October Natalia Fortunato tbc Lawson Lab
16 October William Horman tbc Kedzierska Lab
30 October Aaron Weinman tbc Tong Lab
6 NovemberMatthias Hans EnderstbcHeath Lab
13 November  Not available