Seminars - Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Below seminars are held in the Doherty Auditorium, Ground Floor.
Update 22 April 2021: Hybrid seminar delivery is now offered on certain occasions. Please check the details for mode of delivery.

Research Seminars - Held on Thursdays 12.00pm – 1.00pm.

Special Research Seminars - In addition to the usual Thursday Research Seminars, there may be occasional Special Research Seminars which could be held at different times.

PhD Completion Orations - Held on Friday afternoons from 3.00pm – 4.00pm via zoom webinar until further notice.

Doherty Institute Immunology Theme: Data Presentation Series - Fortnightly on Mondays 2.00pm - 3.00pm generally featuring speakers from across the Institute.

Below seminars are held in the larger Seminar Room GM002, Ground Floor Mezzanine

Currently on hold
Work in Progress Seminar Series
- generally held every third Thursday of each month at 4pm

Currently on hold
Respiratory Research Seminars
- generally held every third Monday of each month at 11am

Seminar attendees are welcome to refreshments after every each seminar.



25 March Dr Kylie James
Garvan Institute
Human gut cell dynamics through space and time
Zoom ID: 837 8991 3638
Dr Ashraful Haque
1 April
Prof Matthew McKay
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Guiding rational vaccine design to direct human immune responses
Zoom ID: 858 1327 1097
Dr Amy Chung
8 April
Michael Hall
University of Cambridge, UK
Nucleotide-resolution bacterial pan-genomics with reference graphs
Zoom ID: 894 1653 3886
Prof Lachlan Coin
22 April Prof Stephanie Gras
La Trobe University
CD8+ T cells specific for an immunodominant SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid epitope cross-react with selective seasonal coronaviruses
Zoom ID: 881 0216 6371
Prof Laura Mackay
29 April Prof Christian Engwerda
QIMR Berghofer
Understanding inflammation in parasitic diseases and broader applications in human health                       Zoom ID: 854 5999 0835 Dr Lynette Beattie
6 May Dr Katharina Hochheiser
Insights into localised immune responses against viral infection and metastatic melanoma
Zoom ID: 836 4367 8848
Dr Yannick Alexandre
13 May Assoc Prof Darren Creek
Monash University
Metabolomics and Proteomics Approaches to Enhance Drug Discovery for Malaria
Zoom ID: 836 4367 8848
Dr Nick Scott
27 May Dr Laura Edgington-Mitchell
Bio21 Institute
Chemical biology approaches to study protease function in cancer and inflammation
Zoom ID: 880 1748 7303
Dr Nick Scott
3 June Dr Sarah Gabriel
Dissecting the transcriptional and metabolic regulation of T cell exhaustion in chronic infection and cancer
Zoom ID: 898 2107 3481
Prof Axel Kallies
10 JuneDr Jeremy Barr
Monash University
Bacteriophages as a model system: From fundamental to clinical microbiology
Zoom ID: 838 9218 2509
Dr Nick Scott
22 JuneProf Merlin Thomas
Monash University
Splice-switiching oligonucleotides: another example of the distruptive potential for RNA therapeutics
Zoom ID: 819 7487 6671
Dr Julie McAuley
22 JulyA/Prof Chris Greening
Monash University
Mycobacterial persistence depends on alternative energy sources
Zoom ID: 850 0055 1986
Dr Nick Scott
29 JulyDr Thomas Ashhurst
University of Sydney
High-dimensional analysis of immune response dynamics across blood and tissue in viral encephalitis and COVID-19
Zoom ID: 850 0055 1986
Dr Oanh Nguyen


12 February Hannah Kelly
Nanoparticle interactions with the immune system – the quest for improved vaccines
Zoom ID: 849 0521 8568
Kent Lab
19 February Laura Ellet
Getting to the heart of obesity and cardiomyopathy as early signs of prion disease
Zoom ID: 885 0532 5610
Lawson Lab
26 February Joshua Deerain
Programmed cell death during norovirus infection
Zoom ID: 836 1947 3778
Mackenzie/Pearson Labs
5 March Nicole Lau
Modelling host-pathogen interactions with the Salmonella Typhimuriumeffector protein, SopF
Zoom ID: 883 4891 0392
Newton Lab
16 March (Tuesday) Mathilde Laureti
Superinfection exclusion of alphaviruses in Aedes mosquitoes
Zoom  ID:569 981 6194
Fazakerley Lab
2 April  Not available (Good Friday) 
11 June (4.30pm) Linda Rafeld Role of IFN-y induced genes in cell-autonomous defence against Legionella infection
Zoom ID: 864 4168 5883
Hartland/van Driel/Kolanus Labs
18 June Sebastian Cruz-Gomez
Understanding how cells sample extracellular microbial metabolites for MR1 antigen presentation to MAIT cells
Zoom ID: 874 9679 6228
Villadangos Lab
25 June Yuting Yan
Discovery of the cells that express the antigen-presenting molecule MR1 in vivo  
Zoom ID: 841 4118 6926
Villadangos Lab
2 July Hui Jing Lim Understanding the molecular machinery regulating MR1 bacterial metabolites antigen presentation
Zoom ID: 880 4594 6335
Villadangos Lab
9 July (4.30pm) Lara Schwab
The catcher in the RIG-I: Using mouse and ferret models to investigate the potential of synthetic RIG-I agonists to limit respiratory virus infection
Zoom ID: 890 2463 3191
Reading Lab
6 August (4.30pm)Sarah StraubGlobal 3'-UTR Length Changes From a Novel Layer of Regulation in the Response to Interferon-beta in Murine and Human Macrophages
Zoom ID: 871 9276 4188
Bedoui/Hertzog/Latz Labs
13 August Thorey Kolbrun Jonsdottir
Elucidating the essential role of PTEX during the asexual blood stage of Plasmodium falciparum
Zoom ID: 882 6135 1643
Crabb/Gilson Labs
20 August Joey McGregor tba Drummer Lab
27 August Jiyao Gan tba Hartland Lab
3 SeptemberZixuan DoutbaVilladangos Lab
10 SeptemberMatthew PitmantbaLewin Lab
17 September Felicia Schlotthauer tba Drummer Lab
24 SeptemberAnelely GetahuntbaStrugnell Lab
1 OctoberAbdalla AlitbaLewin/Cameron Labs
8 October Mitra Ashayeripanah Mechanisms that cause functional impairment of dendritic cells following systemic inflammatory response syndrom Villadangos Lab
15 OctoberNorelle SherryUsing pathogen genomics for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in AustraliaHowden Lab
22 OctoberMelkamu TessematbaReading Lab


19 April Sapna Devi (Mueller lab): Neural control of immunity
Wen Shi Lee (Kent lab): Decay of Fc-dependent antibody functions after mild to moderate COVID-19

Chair: Mitra Ashayeripanah (Villadangos lab)
822 2351 9803

3 May Thomas Rasmussen (Lewin lab): Immune checkpoint blockade to target HIV persistence on ART
Elise Gressier (Bedoui lab): T cell help regulates how APC integrate IFN-a/b signals into effective CD8+ T cell immunity against SARS-CoV-2

Chair: Maria Nogueira de Menezes (Heath lab)
822 2351 9803

17 May Fern Koay (Godfrey lab): An in vitro system for human gamma delta T cell development 
Carlson Tsui (Kallies lab):  Investigating the role of Myb in CD8 T cells during chronic infections

Chair: Hamish McWilliam (Villadangos lab)
822 2351 9803

31 May Raissa Fonseca (Mackay lab): Runx3 drives a tissue-residency program absent in CD4+ T cells
Oanh Nguyen(Kedzierska lab):  SARS-CoV-2-specific CD8+ T cell responses in COVID-19 patients

Chair: Isaac Barber-Axthelm (Kent lab)
822 2351 9803

28 JuneGordon Chua (Heath lab): Characterising CD8+ T cell responses to malaria conjugate vaccines: from activation to memory formation
Emma Bawden (Gebhardt lab): Melanoma Immunosurveillance by CD4+ T cells

Chair: Eleanor Eddy (McCluskey lab)
822 2351 9803

12 JulyKevin Selva (Chung lab): Gone viral: Uncovering the antibody trends of the pandemic
Michael Souter (McCluskey): Novel antigen recognition by a functionality distinct MAIT cell subset

Chair: Louise Rowntree (Kedzierska lab)
822 2351 9803

26 July
Cameron Williams (Haque lab): Studying lymphocyte responses against malaria via spatial transcriptomics
Toshihiro Nakamura (Villadangos lab):  Visualising CTL-cancer interaction during rapid CTL dysfunction

Chair: Sarah Sandford (Mueller lab)
822 2351 9803

9 August
Timothy Patton (McCluskey lab): “The Death of a MAIT: Coming to terms with the pathways regulating MAIT cell death”
Mai Ngoc Vu (Kent lab): "Antibody functionalised nanoparticle vaccines target immunogens to germinal centers"

Chair: Chris Chiu (Lewin lab)
822 2351 9803