Joint PhD Program

Joint PhD program

The Bo&MeRanG offers joint PhD placements between Bonn and Melbourne, in which students work with eminent scientists at both locations. The program is principally focussed on the intersection between innate and adaptive immunity and seeks to investigate this nexus in the context of immunity to infection, leveraging off the substantial and complementary expertise for innate and adaptive immunity in Bonn and Melbourne, respectively. The program will address questions related to pathogen sensing and how the ensuing innate immune responses contribute to protective T cell immunity. These aspects will be examined at the molecular and cellular level in dendritic cells and other myeloid cells using a wide range of in vivo infection models (malaria, typhoid fever, Legionnaire’s disease, influenza virus, herpes simplex virus) and cutting edge technologies (epigenetics, in vivo imaging, bioinformatics modelling). The insights gained through the Bo&MeRanG are expected to significantly advance our understanding of immunity to infection and will have wide-ranging implications for vaccine and adjuvant design and therapeutic interventions against existing infections.

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