Consultant Activities

1977 Virology Task Force, NIAID, Washington, DC
1979 Informal discussion of African Swine Fever research needs, FAO, Rome, Italy
Workshop in influenza B viruses and Reye's syndrome, NIH, Washington, DC
Etiology Workshop, National Conference on Diabetes, Reston, Virginia
1980 Immunology Task Force, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Washington, DC
1980-81 Member, Experimental Virology Study Section, N.I.H., Bethesda
1982-84 Consultant to Scientific Advisory Committee, ILRAD, Nairobi, Kenya
1982-87 Review Committee Member, National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia
1983 Member, NH&MRC Quinquennial Review of the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
1983-86 Temporary Adviser at WHO Peer Review Meeting on Dengue Vaccine Development, Bangkok, Thailand
1984 Member, New Zealand MRC Site Visit for Review of MRC Autoimmunity Research Unit, Dunedin
1985-88 Chairman, Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) Research Advisory Committee
1986-92 Board Member, Member, and Chairman of Programme Committee (1990-1992) for the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases (ILRAD), Nairobi, Kenya
1990-94 Member, Experimental Virology Study Section, NIH, Bethesda
1993- Co-Organizer, Keystone Meeting on Viral Immunity
1994 Immunology of Aging Task Force, NIH, Bethesda
1994 Review Committee Member, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, New York
1994 Review Committee, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane
1994-97 Review Committee Member, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, New York
1995- Scientific Advisory Committee, The Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, Compton, UK
1995-96 Nominating Committee Member, American Association of Immunologists
1997-00 Scientific Review Board, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
1997- Patron, Australian Science Teachers Association
1998- Scientific Patron, Mater Medical Research Institute
2001-02 Scientific Advisory Board, Wellcome Foundation USA
2001- Scientific Council, Gairdner International Awards for Biomedical Research
2002- Scientific Advisory Board for CHAVI, Center for HIV-AIDS Vaccine Immunology, USA
2002-07 Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee, Bio21 Ltd, Melbourne
2003- Board Member (until March 2011) & Patron, Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research & Public Health
2002- Member of the selection for the Gairdner Awards, Canada (these awards, along with the US Lasker Award, are considered "bell-wethers" for the Noble Prize).
2002- Science Patron of BioMelbourne Network
2003-06 Board Member, Australian Research Council Board Vice President, International Union of Immunological Societies
2003-07 Board Member, Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge & Innovation, Melbourne
2005-10 Patron & Board Member, Cairnmillar, Melbourne
2005 Review of the development of new Biosciences/translational Science Building, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
2005- Vice President and Member of the Executive of the international Union for Immunological Societies (will be President from 2008-2010)