Our Mission

AVRU’s primary goal is to live up to our Mission Statement and become a centre of excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region for innovative and strategic research and information analysis on the neglected problem of envenoming by venomous animals, cultivating dynamic collaborative relationships and producing outcomes which benefit human health, well-being and development.

This goal encompasses our aspiration to build knowledge and capacity within a strong ethical framework that leads to real-world translation into solutions that will prevent injury or improve its outcome, inform effective policy and strengthen health systems both in Australia and elsewhere. We believe that Australia can become a truly global leader in delivering solutions that will solve the neglected disease of snakebite envenoming, and AVRU will work to provide the tools and new therapeutic approaches to treating the bites and stings of a range of venomous animals from around the world.

We believe that our approach of combining research with analysis and communication; actively engaging with communities; translating data into solutions; and providing strong, competent advocacy and leadership domestically and internationally; will lead to measureable reductions in the burden of injury and costs of treatment, improving lives and strengthening health systems.