Pharmacology & Therapeutics

SToP (STudents of Pharmacology) is a not-for-profit student run organisation at the University of Melbourne. We consist of postgraduate students (honors, masters and PhD) within the Pharmacology and Therapeutics department of the School of Biomedical Sciences. Here are some department-specific resources you may find helpful!


Official University of Melbourne links to useful resources for current students.

Department Student Resources Contains information on department-specific admin, funding, awards, leave and contacts.
Scholarships General UoM scholarships page. Provides contact info for scholarship officers.
Psychological Services Counselling and psychological services available for students.
Campus Health Service Information on how to make an appointment to see a doctor for free/cheap via campus health and associated costs.
Hacky Hour Get free help with coding and data analysis from your peers
Shut up and write A free weekly writing catch up to get the words out


External useful links for further training, useful organisations and sanity-providing blogs.

Software Carpentry Free in-classroom classes in software engineering across the globe
Dental Hospital Cheap/free dental services at the Swanston St dental hospital
PhD Comics A source of sanity in a crazy PhD world
The Thesis Whisperer A great blog on all things research and thesis