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Iain Charles Medgett Postgraduate Student Travel Award

Mrs Catherine Medgett of Birks Hill, Irvine, Scotland in memory of her son, Dr Iain Medgett, who died in February 1989 from injuries sustained in an accident in the United States while undertaking postdoctoral studies. Dr Medgett graduated from the University with the degrees of bachelor of Science with honours in 1977 and doctor of Philosophy in 1979. An award is made by the Council on the recommendation of a committee appointed by the Council, which must comprise the head of the Department of Pharmacology ('the Department') and not less than two members of the Department. More than one award may be made in any year. The Awards are to assist postgraduate students in Pharmacology to attend scientific meetings concerning Pharmacology or to undertake short courses of study in Pharmacology in Australia or overseas. The value of each award is determined by the Council on the recommendation of the committee having regard to the travel expenses of each recipient. In recommending candidates for an award the committee must take into account both the personal qualities and scholastic abilities of each candidate and must also be satisfied that the proposed meeting or course of study is appropriate for the purpose of the award. Recipients of an award must provide the department with a report of the meeting attended or course of study undertaken as soon as practicable after their return.

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Vacation Research Scholarships

Scholarships Offered

A number of external organisations offer Summer Vacation Scholarship opportunities, for example:

When applications are open you will need to:

  1. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Vacation Scholarships.
  2. Check the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Research webpages and identify the laboratories with research interests relevant to these funding bodies.
  3. Contact the laboratory head via email and state that you are interested in conducting a Vacation Research Scholarship and the funding body you intend to approach. It is important that you attach a copy of your academic record at this stage as these scholarships are usually highly competitive. NB: You need to do this well ahead of the application deadline.
  4. If the laboratory head is willing to supervise you, together, you will decide upon a project and discuss the application process.
  5. Upon completion of the appropriate application form and obtaining relevant signatures, submit the application by the relevant closing date.

Vacation Scholarships offer:

  • The opportunity to undertake a research project over a period of six or eight weeks between November and February.
  • Supervision by high quality researchers.
  • Excellent research facilities.
  • Payment depends on the scholarship you apply for (more details available through the funding bodies listed above)

For further information contact:

Dr Graham Mackay
Email: Dr Graham Mackay or
Phone: +61 3 8344 3932
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Level 8, Medical Building (No. 181)
University of Melbourne Victoria 3010