Phenomics Australia Histopathology and Digital Slide Service

Histological investigation of mutant or treated experimental mice

This service provides a necropsy investigation, where 30 standard organs and tissues are histologically analysed. Special investigations can be ordered upon request.

3D Histech Pannoramic ScanII Scanner

This is a high resolution scanning device capable of imaging standard stained histological slides.  Digital images can be interrogated by the client with the Case Viewer software

(Note: software is only compatible with windows operating systems). Users have the option to either collect and copy their images or for a small fee access and view their images via the Case Center web interface

MetaSystems V-Slide Scanner

Is a microscope based slide scanning system with brightfield and fluorescence capture, generating digitised high resolution whole slide images. It is fitted with low and high power objectives including a 5x, 40x dry & 63x oil and has six channels capable of imaging DIC, DAPI, FITC, TR, Cy3 and Cy5.

Scanned images can be collected directly from the Scanner.

These scanners are part of Phenomics Australia and are also available to external users.

Digital images can be interrogated using VSViewer.

This is not compatible on a Mac operating system.

Histopathology and Slide Scanning Standard Operating Procedures

For standard operating procedures please contact the Histopathology and Digital Slide Service directly


Department Anatomy and Neuroscience
Room E237b, Level 2, Medical Building
The University of Melbourne

Contacts for access

Tina Cardamone: +6 3 834 48044
Aira Nuguid: +61 3 834 47646

Facility hours

Monday – Friday: 8.30am to 5.00pm
The Scanners are not available on weekends


Clients have the option of Staff Service or unassisted scanning after undertaking a training session. This can be arranged with Tina Cardamone or Aira Nuguid.


Online bookings may be made using Google Calender Service. Access to the calendar, including logins and passwords, is provided to all approved users once training has been completed.


Please contact for charge schedules and quotes.


All unassisted users must attend an initial training session.
This is organised through the Phenomics Australia manager and incurs a fee.

Note: Prices subject to change
Sessions may be cancelled at any time to schedule maintenance or repairs.  
Notice will be issued where possible, but occasionally there will be no notice period.

The Histopathology and Digital Slide Service is supported by Phenomics Australia