Planning Your Experiment

Using the MMMPP: Checklist

Please note, the steps may differ depending on the current location of the mice and whether the researcher is classed as internal or external.

  1. Discuss with the MMMPP Coordinator which experiments will best suit your aims
  2. Apply for animal ethics approval
  3. Complete the MMMPP User Agreement to gain access to the booking calendar
  4. Check dates for availability and book equipment
  5. Import mice
  6. Schedule a training session with the MMMPP Coordinator – this is a mandatory requirement for new users

Ethics Applications

Techniques to study the impact of genetic and pharmacologic manipulation on mouse metabolism are highly specialised but are generally non-invasive.

The MMMPP can provide researchers with experiment design advice and specific equipment procedural guidelines for obtaining ethics approval or amendments to existing ethics.

Please contact the MMMPP Coordinator for details.

MMMPP User Agreement

New platform users are required to read and sign the MMMPP User Agreement.


For information relating to specific equipment and procedures please refer to the individual specification sheets provided on the Equipment & Services page.