Animal Facility

Platform location 

The University of Melbourne's MMMPP is located in Parkville, Victoria. In vivo mouse phenotyping is performed in specialist rooms within the Biomedical Science Animal Facility (BSAF).

BSAF mouse importation guidelines

To use MMMPP equipment mice need to be housed within the BSAF. For details importing mice from external locations please contact the MMMPP Coordinator. Additional documentation and faecal PCR testing may be required to certify mice are pathogen-free prior to transfer. Standard housing and husbandry costs will be charged by the BSAF.

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Housing and diets

Mice in the BSAF are housed in individually ventilated cages (IVC). HEPA filters in the air handling unit’s provide high protection against bacteria, viruses and allergens, and microbiological filters in the cages ensure optimal gas exchange.

Unless otherwise requested, mice are provided with a standard chow diet that contains 20% protein, 6% fat and provides 12.8 MJ/kg energy (Barastoc 102108). If a special diet is required this will need to be provided by the researchers.

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