Becton Dickinson FACS Aria III


MBC FACS Aria III cell sorter

Becton Dickinson FACS Aria III is equipped with 4 lasers that can sort based on 15 parameters (13 colours + forward and side scatter).

Download the Laser/ Detector specifications

Sample tube compatibility

Polystyrene or polypropylene

5ml FACS tubes


10-15ml Falcon tubes

Heating/ cooling collection tubes


Heating/ cooling sample tubes


Nozzle size/ pressure

(custom pressure 5-75psi available)

70um @ 70psi

100um @ 20psi or 17psi

85um @ 45psi

Sorting options

2-way FACS tubes or

15ml Falcon tubes

4-way FACS tubes or

1.5ml eppendorf tubes

Tissue culture plate deposition (inc. single cell)

6, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well plates, slides

Sheath fluid

Beckman Coulter IsoFlow