Our Research Centres and Programs

Key research themes of neuroscience, metabolism and diabetes and cell biology are paving the way for how we understand the structure and function of the human body.

Introducing the Department of Anatomy and Physiology’s core research themes:

    • Metabolic and cardiovascular sciences
    • Muscle biology
    • Sensory neuroscience
    • Stem cell and development biology
    • Systems neuroscience

The department also hosts the Australian Phenomics Network Histopathology and Organ Pathology Service, providing detailed histological phenotyping and digital scanning of data from mutant mice.

Our researchers are based in the Triradiate Medical Building and at the Melbourne Brain Centre, which has excellent research facilities, including confocal and live cell imaging microscopes, laser capture dissection, tissue culture, histology, electrophysiology and molecular biology.

Centre for Muscle Research

Investigating the mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle wasting and weakness.

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Centre for Stem Cell Systems

Maximising the visibility, understanding and translational impact of stem cell research and technologies.

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Melbourne Academy of Surgical Anatomy

Lifelong learning opportunities in surgical education and training.

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Body Donor Program

One of the longest running and largest donor programs in Australia for anatomical examination and the teaching of anatomy.

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