Undergraduate students can study stem cells as a part of a major, as an elective subject, or as complementary breath, through the following subjects. It is advised that students consult the current handbook entry for eligibility and pre-requisite requirements.



Skills Developed


Fundamentals of Cell Biology (CEDB20003)

Undergraduate Level 2
Semester 1

The subject builds on the basic cell biology concepts introduced in first year biology and develops students’ understanding of the processes that regulate the structure and function of eukaryotic cells.

Demonstrate skills in observation, data interpretation and reporting;

Apply analytical and problem-solving skills;

Analyse and integrate knowledge from various sources;

Demonstrate collaborative learning skills.

Available as elective or breadth.

Prerequisites apply. Refer to the Handbook for pre-requisite requirements.

Stem Cells in Development & Regeneration (CEDB30004)

Undergraduate Level 3
Semester 2

This subject introduces students to advanced research topics in modern stem cell biology with respect to current roles of stem cells in development of organisms, regenerative medicine and ethical considerations of biotechnological applications.

Analysing complex scientific issues;

Making a constructive critique of a scientific proposal;

Performing written communication skills at a high standard;

Contributing to intellectual discussion;

Analysing how science interacts with society.

Available as elective, major or breadth.

Prerequisites apply. Refer to the Handbook for pre-requisite requirements.

Frontiers in Biomedicine (BIOM30001)

Undergraduate Level 3
Semester 2

In this subject, students are presented with established and developing issues affecting health and disease that require a holistic appreciation of medical biology, including anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology and pharmacology.

Interpret scientific literature and interpret data from electronic databases;

Integrate knowledge across disciplines;

Comprehend a question, evaluate the relevant information and communicate an answer;

Communicate scientific knowledge to an informed lay audience.

Only available for students enrolled in a Bachelor of Biomedicine.