Ricardo De Paoli-Iseppi

Email: ric.depaoliiseppi@unimelb.edu.auPhone: +613 8344 3468

Research Overview

Ricardo is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Clark Lab within the Centre for Stem Cell Systems. His previous research utilised sequencing technologies to better our understanding human cancer epigenetics and ageing in wild-animals. Ricardo’s current research aims will utilise long-read sequencing to investigate the expression and splicing of risk genes for neuropsychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This work will lead to a better understanding of splicing diversity in human brain regions and will support further studies in the identification of disease-linked isoforms.

Supervisor and Collaborators

Dr. Mike Clark - Supervisor

Available for Supervision


Research Publications

R De Paoli‐Iseppi, BE Deagle, AM Polanowski, CR McMahon, JL Dickinson, MA Hindell, SN Jarman, (2018). Age estimation in a long‐lived seabird (Ardenna tenuirostris) using DNA methylation‐based biomarkers. Molecular Ecology Resources.

NK Hayward, JS Wilmott, N Waddell, ... R De Paoli‐Iseppi et al., (2017). Whole-genome landscapes of major melanoma subtypes. Nature, 545, (7653), 175.

R De Paoli-Iseppi, BE Deagle, CR McMahon, MA Hindell, JL Dickinson, SN Jarman, (2017). Measuring animal age with DNA methylation: From humans to wild animals. Frontiers in Genetics, 8, 106.

R De Paoli-Iseppi, PA Johansson, AM Menzies et al., (2016). Comparison of whole-exome sequencing of matched fresh and formalin fixed paraffin embedded melanoma tumours: implications for clinical decision making. Pathology, 48 (3), 261-266.