From heart development to bioinformatics, NHMRC grants advance stem cell science

Ten researchers from across the Centre for Stem Cell Systems network were awarded NHMRC Ideas Grants totalling over $7 Million, for their work in advancing our understanding of cancer, ovarian disease, diabetes and inflammation, as well as cellular identity.

The NHMRC is Australia’s leading expert body promoting the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards. The Ideas Grant scheme funds research that is innovative and creative and focused on any area of health and medical research from discovery to implementation.

Read more about the projects being undertaken by Centre members below.

  • Dr Louise Chen
    Project Title: Identification of novel mediators of cachexia in Drosophila.

  • Dr Raymond Wong
    Project Title: Sensing the light: using cell reprogramming to regenerate photoreceptors.

  • Dr Shalin Naik
    Project Title: Understanding haematopoiesis using novel single cell lineage tracing tools.

  • Dr Dagmar Wilhelm
    Project Title: The prorenin receptor - a new candidate factor for ovarian disease.

  • A/ Professor Alicia Oshlack
    Project Title: Advancing the analysis of single cell transcriptomics to facilitate biomedical research.

  • Professor Christine Wells
    Project Title: Mincle cross-talk between macrophage and endothelial cells alters vascular permeability.

  • Professor Mark Dawson
    Project Title: Investigating the role of CMTM6 in regulating anti-tumour immunity.

  • Professor Elizabeth Vincan
    Project Title: Adult stem cell-derived organoids: innovative models to elucidate signalling mechanisms in Wnt-addicted cancers.

  • Professor Alastair Stewart
    Project Title: Casein kinase 1 delta inhibitors reset the clock to suppress fibrosis.

  • Professor Ed Stanley
    Project Title: Reconstructing Human Autoimmunity in vitro.

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems would also like to congratulate our stem cell colleagues Dr Heather Lee, Dr Mirana Ramialison, Professor Helen Abud, Dr Harald Janovjak and Dr Gerard Kaiko on their success.

Further information on grant outcomes can be found on the NHMRC website.