Australian Research Council grants advance stem cell research

Centre for Stem Cell System researchers were awarded $3.8 million in funding from the Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant scheme, which supports excellent basic and applied research and high quality research training.

Discovery Projects aim to support excellent basic and applied research that encourages high-quality research and training, as well as enhance international collaboration and expand Australia’s knowledge base and research capability.

We would like to congratulation the following members of the Centre on receiving a Discovery Project:

Professor Gary Hime; Dr Lucy O'Brien
Project title: Using Drosophila to analyse a master regulator of epithelial homeostasis.

Dr Irene Gallego Romero; Professor Murray Cox; Dr Francois-Xavier Ricaut
Project Title: Unravelling the contributions of Denisovan DNA to the peoples of Oceania.

Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao; Dr Heather Lee; Dr Matthew Ritchie; Dr Stéphanie Bougeard
Project Title: Empirical and computational solutions for multi-omics single-cell assays.

Professor Erica Fletcher
Project Title: Novel mechanisms for regulating the retinal vasculature.

Dr Michael Clark; Dr Wilfried Haerty; Associate Professor Zameel Cader
Project Title: The role of gene isoforms in human brain development.

Professor Clare Parish; Professor David Nisbet
Project Title: Modelling human brain development with stem cells and biomaterials.

Dr David Simpson; Dr Geza Berecki; Dr Liam Hall; Dr David Elliott
Project Title: Real-time neuronal network imaging using diamond optrode arrays.

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems would also like to congratulate our stem cell colleagues Professor Benjamin Hogan from the University of Melbourne and Dr Harald Janovjak; Professor Colin Jackson, Professor Helen Abud, Associate Professor Roger Pocock and Professor Peter Currie from Monash University.

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