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The multidisciplinary nature of muscle biology complements a diverse array of disciplines, elective and majors - from biomedicine subjects to summer internships and scholarships.

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Biomedical Science Research Project (BIOM30003)

Undergraduate Level 3

Student contributes to the design of a research project in consultation with a chosen supervisor. This subject is primarily aimed at addressing a research question in a practical setting in the laboratory, using creative problem solving and methodological approaches.

Skills Developed

  • Interpret scientific literature and interpret data from electronic databases;
  • Collection and analysis of data involving statistical analysis
  • Problem solving and time management
  • Oral and written communication of knowledge


Excellent results in a discipline appropriate to the project (normally an average of at least 75% in relevant 2nd and 3rd year subjects).

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Summer Internships

Gain real world experience in an active research laboratory through a summer internship in the Centre for Muscle Research.

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R.D. Wright Prize and Scholarship

Awarded annually to the student enrolled in the course for the degree of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Biomedical Science with the highest aggregate mark in second and third year physiology subjects.

One or more research studentships may be awarded annually to undergraduates to enable them to undertake research in the University's Department of Physiology during the long vacation.

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