Viral Facility

The Viral Facility is located within the Centre for Muscle Research, coordinated by Associate Professor Paul Gregorevic and managed by Dr Hongwei Qian.

The Viral Facility team provide high quality recombinant Adeno Associated Virus (rAAV) to internal and external collaborators.

These viral vectors are used to deliver genetic material into cells, both in vivo and in vitro, to manipulate gene and/or protein expression for studying a range of outcomes including changes to transcription networks, molecular signaling pathways, cell/tissue growth, development and function.

Located in a PC2 containment area the Viral Facility complies with Australian standards



Our facility is regulated by the OGTR and multiple NLRD and DNIR.

Viral Facility design

There are 4 main areas within the facility:

  1. Anteroom (Rm N512A) is the main entry to the Viral Facility with an air-lock system containing the CO2 supplies for the facility and a "gowning up" area prior to entering the labs.
  1. Cell Preparation Laboratory (Rm N513) which is used for end to end production of the viral vectors that are made and supplied to researchers and collaborators.
  1. Viral Preparation Laboratory (Rm N512) which is used by guests/researchers for the production, amplification, concentration and purification of viral vector particles.
  1. Viral Experimental Laboratory (Rm N511) which is used by guests/researchers for in-vitro viral experiments.

Viral Vector Overview

Viral vectors have been successfully used as tools for gene delivery by many laboratories all over the world for decades. These non-immunogenic, non-replicative, and non-integrative viral vectors are advantageous over more conventional gene delivery and pharmacological methods because they allow:

  • Broad or cell-specific targeting both in-vitro and in-vivo.
  • Infect both dividing and non-dividing cells.
  • Stable gene expression that can last for weeks to months (making this an attractive alternative to transgenic models).
  • Use in many animal models (from rodents to primates).
  • Diverse range of applications (from basic research to gene therapy).

Contact us

Please contact Assoc. Prof. Paul Gregorevic or Alaina Lee for all questions regarding the Viral Facility.

Assoc. Prof. Paul Gregorevic 
Ph: 61 3 9035 7700 

Alaina Lee/Hongwei Qian 
Ph: 61 3 9035 5064 

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The Viral Facility

The University of Melbourne

Cnr Grattan St and Royal Parade

Medical Building 181

Level 5 North Wing

Rooms N511, N512, N512A and N513

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