Stem Cells and Developmental Biology


Transcriptomics and Neurogenetics - Dr Mike Clark

Research focus: exploring expression and function of genes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders and applications of long-read Nanopore sequencing.

Stem Cell Genetics - Professor Gary Hime

Research focus: analysing genes that regulate stem cell maintenance and differentiation using genetic screening in Drosophila and conditional mouse knockout models.


Enteric neuronal differentiation - Drs Marlene Hao and Lincon Stamp

Research focus: investigation of factors directing enteric neuron subtype differentiation and their maintenance


Neural development, injury and pain - Professor Janet Keast

Research focus: determining how the pelvic nervous system develops, how it controls complex bodily functions and how it might be manipulated to provide clinical treatments.

Sex Determination and Disorders of Sex Development - Dr Dagmar Wilhelm

Research focus: exploring mechanisms of gene regulation that drive sex determination and gonad development as well as understanding the underlying causes of sex development disorders in humans.


Reproductive Biology - Professor David Gardner

Research focus: improving of techniques associated with reproductive biology through basic research at the cellular level.

Human Evolution, Genomics and Stem Cells - Dr Irene Gallego Romero

Research focus: exploring the ways in which natural selection and evolutionary change have shaped the human species, with a particular focus on gene regulatory processes.


Evolution, Development and Reproduction in Mammals - Professor Andrew Pask

Research focus: examining the development of the urogenital system in mammals and working on establishing stem cells from native Australian mammals.


Kidney Development, Disease and Regeneration - Dr Sara Howden

Research focus: generating of reporter lines to facilitate directed differentiation of kidney cells from human pluripotent stem cells.


Stem Cell Technology - Professor Ed Stanley

Research focus: using human pluripotent stem cells to understand diseases of the blood, endocrine and immune systems.

Blood Cell Development - Professor Andrew Elefanty

Research focus: using human pluripotent stem cells to understand the development of blood cells, endothelium and diseases of the blood system.


Epigenetic Modification - Dr Marnie Blewitt

Research focus: analysing the molecular mechanisms behind epigenetic silencing.


Cancer Metabolism & Organogenesis - Dr Louise Cheng

Research focus: identifying the genes that direct the behaviour of stem cells and differentiated cells in the developing nervous system.