Equipment and Services

Have an idea? The Digital Learning Hub has the technology to help you realise it. An audio recording pod to give your resources a voice, a 360° stereoscopic camera for lab tours or re-enacting scenarios, eight ultra high-spec computers for crunching big data or rendering large videos and 16 VR headsets for deployment of learning activities, all enable the creation and deployment of exciting modern learning activities.

Use our booking sheet to schedule a time to discuss a project, use the recording pod or video studio. Get in touch if you want to use any of the equipment or have any other questions.

The video version of our service catalogue.
  • Audio Recording Pod

    The soundproof recording pod will be available to academic staff and RHD students. You may also organise to allow students to use the equipment to generate podcasts or other resources.

    The pod will have four microphones and the capability to connect a phone (call-in interview) to the recorder via Bluetooth. The pod is located in the Digital Learning Hub, W313B (second set of doors), and will contain an iPad with instructions and tutorials on how to use the equipment and software.

  • Video Studio

    The video studio is available for all academic staff to create recordings. With a green screen, we can create any background you need for your presentations, including picture-in-picture and weatherman style. A lightboard is also available to present lectures with content drawn out on the board as you present.

  • 360° Stereoscopic Camera

    The Insta360° Pro 2 stereoscopic camera can capture high resolution 3D video and images in all directions. This is great for an online tour of a lab or facility, recreating scenarios for training purposes, or even creating simple virtual reality resources. The camera is available to academics for free bookings.

  • Pantheon

    Pantheon is a suite of eight high specification PCs capable of processing high resolution video, images, and big data in a flash. These computers also host a suite of software to enable you to create your vision. No need to book, just come down to W313 and log in to get started!

  • VR Headsets

    The Digital Learning Hub is equipped to handle VR activities for classes small to large. With 16 Oculus Rift headsets, we can accommodate up to 256 students per day in 30 minute blocks. Contact us to book a session or request to use the equipment.

  • iPads

    We have a fleet of 19 iPads for use in teaching, for activities including marking presentations, using on discussion panels, or however you can think to use them. Get creative!

  • Sectra Terminals

    Sectra terminals are large touchscreen workstations which enable interactive learning activities in Anatomy, Pathology and Cell Biology. Each table can host a small group of students working together in an interactive and collaborative environment. The accompanying Sectra Education Portal features high-quality real-life anatomy and clinical cases, and customisable imaging content to enhance practical lab activities and lectures. Contact us to book a session.

  • Coming Soon: Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) using the Hololens 2 is an exciting emerging technology which enables 3D images or animations to be overlayed in the real world. Unlike VR, which transports the user to an entirely novel environment, AR adds objects to the user’s current environment, overlaying them on a clear screen. This is great for having multiple students working together on one rendered object, or even overlaying virtual instructions or labels on a complex machine!

  • Software Development

    The Digital Learning Hub harnesses its local expertise in 3D animation and software design, together with the talented academic staff of the School of Biomedical Sciences, to produce innovative digital learning tools. Contact us to learn more about how we can help develop your idea!