EMCRA Collaborative Award

EMCRA Collaborative Award

Applications for the 2020 EMCRA Collaborative Award round will open on June 2020

The Award Rules and Application Form will be available soon.

To start your search for potential collaborators, check out Researcher Profiles from EMCRs across the school and add your own.

One of the primary goals of EMCRA is to promote research independence of the brilliant and talented postdoctoral researchers in the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS). Once a year we open a call for the EMCRA Collaborative Award, a seed-funding grant available to level A and B postdocs in SBS, who submit projects of their own devising, and must include collaboration across SBS departments.

This funding is intended to promote collaborations at the postdoctoral level in the School, and to help our postdocs gain research independence ahead of larger funding applications to the ARC and NHMRC. There is a total funding pool of $60k available, and awarded funds are estimated to be $10-20k per funded project.

Now in its fourth year, the EMCRA Collaborative Award has fostered lasting inter-department collaborations, contributed to manuscripts and grant applications, supported establishment of new techniques, and facilitated successful funding applications to the University and the NHMRC.

Winners of the 2019 round of the Award were announced in August 2019. Please click here for the announcement.


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