Success in 2015 NHMRC and ARC Grants

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology has received $11.3 million in the latest round of NHMRC and ARC funding.

The Department congratulates  the successful recipients of research funding commencing in 2016. Overall the Department had 29% success on NHMRC research grants and 33% success for ARC discovery projects which is a fantastic result in the highly competitive funding environment.  In addition to receiving nine project NHMRC grants and one ARC project, scientists in the Department were awarded three NHMRC Research Fellowships, one Practitioner Fellowship and one Career Development Fellowship.

ARC Discovery Project 

Professor Jose Villadangos
Project title: 'Characterisation of membrane protein ubiquitination by MARCH ligases'. $633,000 over 3 years

NHMRC Project Grants

Dr Nicholas Scott 
Project title: 'Understanding the role of O-linked glycosylation in Burkholderia cenocepica for host survival using proteomic approaches'. $222,004 over 3 yrs.

Professor Elizabeth Hartland  
Project title: 'Ubiquitination in Legionella infection'. $501,466.50 over 3 years
Project title: 'Glycosyltransferase effectors from bacterial enteric pathogens'. $772,600 over 4 yrs.
Project title: 'Novel bacterial cysteine proteases targeting innate immunity'. $797,600 over 4 yrs.

Associate Professor Barbara Coulson
Project title: 'Understanding how virus infection accelerates type 1 diabetes development'. $610,774 over 3 yrs

Dr Annette Fox
Project title: 'How do cross-reactive memory B cells affect influenza vaccine titers?' $798,048 over 4 years.

Dr Thomas Gebhardt
Project title: 'CD4 memory T-cell dynamics in peripheral tissues'. $849,134 over 4 yrs.

Associate Professor Tim Stinear
Project title: 'New antibiotics from old microbes'. $1,005,912 over 4 yrs.

Professor Stephen Kent
Project title: 'Antibody prevention and treatment of HIV'. $1,109,786 over 4 yrs.

Our successful NHMRC Fellows are: Laura Mackay (CDF), Katherine Kedzierska, Stephen Turner, Tim Stinear (Research Fellows), and Ben Howden (Practitioner Fellow).