What to do with your BSc/BBiomed degree

Three seminars that will provide alternative ideas for career pathways in the Health Sciences:
When: 20 – 23 October
Where: Basement Theatre in the new Architecture Building.
Hosted by Dr Charles Sevigny and Prof David Williams (Department of Physiology)

These seminars seek to provide students with alternative ideas for career pathways in the health sciences that they may not have previously considered, as well as providing an honest, uncensored look at the gritty side of the more common pathways.  Each session will have 3-4 speakers giving brief talks about "a day in the life" of their career, as well as providing information on the pathways to get there.  Any and all are welcome to attend!

Session 1: Research - 20 October, 8:00 - 9:00am

  1. Dr Jim Bell (PhD) -  Postdoctoral fellow, basic science research (Academic)
  2. Ms Petra Unterwerger (BSc Hons) - Research assistant, basic science research
  3. Dr Mastura Monif (MD, PhD) - Clinical research

Session 2: Working with people - 22 October, 1:00 - 2:00pm

  1. Dr Charles Sevigny - Tertiary education
  2. Ms Samantha Hicks - Marketing
  3. Ms Belinda Smith- Deputy Editor COSMOS magazine (scientific journalism)
  4. Ms Giota Nikolopoulos  (Head of Marketing and Digital, Beyond Blue), and Ms Katrina Smith  (Senior Advisor Marketing Campaigns, Beyond Blue)- Social marketing and communications (Not for profit)

Session 3: Health Care - 23 October, 1:00 -2:00pm

  1. Dr Mastura Monif- A very real look at the life of clinical practice
  2. Dr Rochelle Wynne- Nursing
  3. Prof Richard Dowell-Clinical Audiology
  4. Ms Margaret Sahhar- Genetic Counselling

Questions/inquiries: Charles Sevigny sevignyc@unimelb.edu.au