Dr James Ryall publication published in cell stem cell

It is very pleasing to be able to kick-off the good news stories for 2015 with the major publication success of Dr James Ryall who has published recently in the prestigious journal Cell Stem Cell (impact factor: 22.151).

The original work titled "The NAD+-Dependent SIRT1 Deacetylase Translates a Metabolic Switch into Regulatory Epigenetics in Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells", represents a major advance for our understanding of how metabolic cues translate to epigenetic modifications that regulate muscle stem cell biology. This outstanding body of research was largely conducted at the National Institutes of Health where James undertook his postdoctoral training while a NHMRC CJ Martin Research Fellow.

James is leading this research on muscle stem cells in our Department and we wish him continued success, especially after the big win in last year's round of ARC Discovery-Project grants.

Congratulations James!

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